The best waffle around the world ... and in Dublin

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Bob, I am Belgian but I am living in Dublin for the last 2 years now.

Belgian Waffle, the Best around the WorldSince I moved to Dublin, I was desperately looking for a place where I could eat a freshly-cooked waffle.
I barely managed to find one or 2 places where you can buy them but I did not like them. Maybe because my buds' sensitivity became too sharp after years as baker in Belgium.

While in a trip in London, I spotted a waffle-maker and brought it with me.

I started making some waffles for me and for my entourage. The latter loved them so much that they urged me to make more and sell them.

In November 2008, I decided to follow their advice. Since then I am selling regularly at the Food-Coop.

This website will give you some information about the history of the waffles (which is much older that one might think), some recipes (because I am often asked how I make my waffles), a map where to find me (in "where") just in case I convinced you to try my stuff and some other sections that I let you discover yourself : party, with waffle, gluten-free.

All good sites have also a contact link, mine is in...the contact tab. Of course.

Enjoy the visit!